Atik460EX Testing

The following links refer to FIT exposures that were taken with the CCD-camera ATIK460ex.

I used the software AstroArt8 and Artemis (from Atik) for these exposures.

With AstroArt 8, the ASCOM camera drivers were used – installed with the Atik Core Software – SetupAtikCamerasUniversal-2023.09.14.


The Atik460 shows a very high dark background. The normal level should be at 300 ADU, but it is a 5000 ADU.

FIT files – Artemis


The 3s-dark FIT shows a background level of about 900 ADU. This is higher than the level I measured with Astroart 8 which was about 300 ADU.

The uncovered = light FIT with Artemis show the high sensitivity of the CCD. The 3s-light is completely saturated. The 0.01s-uncovered FIT show a non-saturated exposure.

FIT files – Astroart 8


The 3s-dark FIT shows a high saturation of about 5000 ADU. This level is much higher that I have got with the camera before.

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